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Most advanced bakery production

The production of our baked goods is conducted with the know-how and enthusiasm of our master bakers using the most up-to-date systems technology. In addition to several fully-automated baking production lines, we also make use of stone ovens, as well as a unique sourdough production system.

All baked goods are stored at minus 24°C in a freezer warehouse, in which more than 10.000 pallet storage spaces are available. Some 2 million frozen baked goods leave our production site per day. Delivery inside Germany, as well as elsewhere in Europe, is conducted by a well-known logistics partner, with whom we have worked together for years with confidence.

Excellent product quality

Exclusively natural and high grade ingredients are used in our production process, and we have no preservatives and chemical baking substances have no place in our quality baked goods. In accordance with our product philosophy we pay particular attention to gentle processing and a long period of proving the dough. We thus let our sourdough mature at least 12 hours - the time it needs to develop its typical aroma. For there is nothing finer than the smell and the taste of deliciously fresh baked goods. The excellent quality of our products is demonstrated both by high customer satisfaction and our awards from the German Association of Agriculture (DLG).

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